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Sunday October 22nd 2017

Bikini-clad blood-spattered zombie women result in police action

Police rushed to the scene in Connecticut after a resident spotted 15 young ‘zombie women’ in bikinis with blood-splattered bodies.

The Connecticut police were called by a panicked resident on Mathewson Street, Enfield, who claimed that they were ‘alarmed’ by a group of young scantily clad ‘zombie women’ in bikinis.

The 15 young bikini clad women were described as being blood-splattered and acting strangely.

Police sped to the scene to check out what the disturbance was. They discovered that the women were part of a group of make-up artists who were dressed up for a calendar shoot.

A sister of one of the group’s make-up artist’s spoke out on the local Hartford Courant website.

Posting as Ninabeth, she said: ‘As the sister of one of the organisers, I think that someone actually called and complained is completely pathetic.

‘This is just a bunch of talented individuals trying to create something they can be proud of. The pictures they have so far are incredible.’

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