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Tuesday November 21st 2017

Happy Birthday Junrey Balawing and Congratulations!

Junrey Balawing turned 18 on Sunday and at the same time became the shortest man in the world.

It will only become official when Guinness officially measures him. This involves three measurements taken throughout the day.

‘I am so excited! I am small, but now I am a man.

‘I have tried beer for the first time. I like it but can only have a little. I want a beautiful wife.

‘I know she will probably be taller than me. I can’t wait for my party.’

His mother adds:

‘Junrey can only walk with some help and he can’t stand for too long because he’s in too much pain.

‘But he loves it when I tell him he’s the smallest man in the world – he is beaming with pride.’

Check out more pics and the rest of the story HERE

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