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Wednesday December 13th 2017

Woman files lawsuit over scalding bikini

Robin Corrente, 50, from New York has launched a lawsuit against Swimwear Anywhere, the manufacturer of the Coco Reef bikini because she says her bikini was too hot.

She claims that the underwire in her black swimsuit top heated to the scorching point when she was sunbathing in 32 C weather in August 2008.

The result of the heated underwire was third-degree burns and blistering after about an hour in the sun.

‘After about an hour, I was hurting,’ Corrente said in the court papers.

‘I went up to take a shower and I realised… I had a lot of blisters.’

She claims that she sought medical attention and doctors removed a piece of flesh about the “size of a dime” from her right breast.

A spokesman for the company refused to comment.

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