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Wednesday December 13th 2017

Woman’s house hijacked by strangers

Mayrean McDonough, 65, from Marble Falls in Texas, got a fright when she stopped off at home to get something while on her way to her church secretary job.

She walked into her home and found a family of five in her living room.

“It was like a circus,” said McDonough. “There were Coke cans everywhere.”

She screamed at the couple while their kids played with toys on the floor. The toys belonged to her now-grown children and had been packed away in a box in her bedroom closet.

“I told them to turn the music down. It was as loud as it could be,” McDonough added.

“The woman just went bananas and kept saying, ‘I have a record,'” McDonough said.

She tried calling the cops but the man pushed her to the ground before grabbing his wife and kids, ran to a car parked in McDonough’s shed and fled.

Police came out and they found that the family had left behind a photo of the children, a lighter, fast food receipts, money and a pair of shoes.

They also found fingerprints which were sent off to the state lab for analysis. The mysterious case is still under investigation.

“I feel like they had to be watching my home for some time,” McDonough added.

She said that she does not know the people and had never seen them before.

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