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Saturday October 21st 2017

Soldiers told to intimidate birds using fixed gaze

24 Austrian soldiers were drafted in to stare menacingly at storks at the Zeltweg airport which has led some bloggers to dub them ‘The men who stare at storks’.

Next week is the Airpower 2011 airshow and the stalks could disrupt the entire proceedings as a stork could bring down a plane if it was sucked into an engine.

Organisers have tried to lure them away with bait, by creating better feeding grounds further away and even putting up plastic storks to make it seem more attractive elsewhere. But alas these techniques did not work.

‘Being stared at intimidates the storks more than the sound of a gun or other explosive,’ said environmentalist Siegfried Prinz.

The 24 soldiers will work between 5am and 10pm and will only be allowed to stare at the storks. Guns have been banned.

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