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Thursday October 19th 2017

Man buys three-legged duck then decides he doesn’t like extra limb

It just goes to show that some people have absolutely no sense for business!

If this guy was clever, he would never have taken the duck back, but charged people to see it. He would then have been able to buy many more ‘normal’ ducks!

A shopper went out to buy a duck from a market stall in Nan’an in Fujian Province, China.

A few minutes later he had a change of heart, or perhaps was grossed out by the duck having three legs and returned it to the stall.

The chicken and duck stall owner, Chen Xiantong was quite happy to give the man a full refund for the unusual creature.

‘He said the duck was too weird with its extra leg, and he feared it may be harmful to health,’ Chen explained.

‘I now keep the duck in the shop and people come in just to see it so it has actually been good for my business.’

He went on to say that the duck would be spared being sold or eaten, but will live its life out in the shop.

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