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Tuesday November 21st 2017

I eat cannibals

One of the mysteries of the 80’s is how songs like this made it onto the top 20 charts!

Toto Coelo (renamed Total Coelo in the U.S.) was a 1980s British one hit wonder new wave vocal group, masterminded by producer Barry Blue. The original members were the singers Anita Mahadervan, Lacey Bond, Lindsey Danvers, Ros Holness (daughter of television presenter Bob Holness) and Sheen Doran.

The group is known for its 1982 hit single “I Eat Cannibals Part 1”, which reached #8 in the UK Singles Chart and was also a hit in many other countries, including South Africa where it was named the seventeenth biggest selling single of 1983, peaking at #3.

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