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Monday October 23rd 2017

Little twin escapes from his cot

Dayne’s mother – who calls herself ‘Momof6boys’ – posted this clip on YouTube with the caption: ‘I think it is time for toddler beds.’

The footage shows the two boys standing in their crib while their mother says goodbye. Once she leaves the room, the coast is clear and the twins look at each other, knowing what comes next.

Dayne surveys the room before quickly throwing his leg on the top bar and hoisting himself up and over the top, landing with a bump on the ground.

But rather than crying, he simply resigns himself to the fact it is pain he must endure for freedom.

Taking a second to recover, he then toddles over to the camera, which he realises has caught it all and decides to destroy the evidence.

He grabs the camera with both hands and pulls it off the shelf.

YouTube Preview Image

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