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Wednesday December 13th 2017

Saudi man eyes new record in milk-squirting

A Saudi man hopes to set a new world record in squirting milk from his eye to beat the current 2.7-metre record set by Mehmet Yilmaz of Turkey.

Badr Al-Alyani from the capital Riyadh said he had succeeded in squirting milk 2.3 metres out of his eye and that he would continue training to beat the present record set by the Turkish construction worker nearly three years ago.

Al-Alyani said he had developed this talent since he watched Yilmaz snorting milk up his nose and squirting it of his left eye.

“I will continue training until I become able to squirt milk of my eye to a distance that exceeds the record set by Yilmaz,” he said. “My only dream now is to compete with Yilmaz and beat him.”

Mehmet Yilmaz setting the current record

YouTube Preview Image

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