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Monday October 23rd 2017

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What was the mysterious bubble-like light burst seen over Hawaii

Footage of this incredible bubble-like burst of light in the night sky was captured by cameras at an astronomical observatory in Hawaii. Sky watchers have been flooding internet forums with speculation about the burst, filmed by a webcam mounted on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Mauna Kea. Captured in time-lapse footage, the glowing [...]

London UFO was a fake

London UFO was a fake

As usual the viral video of UFO's over London is proved to be fake. Bleh. According to sources, this was simply a PR stunt for a special effects company. Over the past several years, companies have used this kind of free marketing technique. They create a fake video, make it go viral on the net and then come out and say it was them. Free [...]

UFO Mothership & Fleet Over London UK 24th June 2011

This video has been doing the rounds over the past week. What do you think they are? Real, fake, explainable? You decide!

Giant UFO Escapes Russian Missiles Attack Over Khabarovsk, Russia

I love a good UFO story! According to Russian television a huge UFO of about 650 feet in diameter bigger than the commercial plane was seen on May 16, 2011 above Khabarovsk, the second important city at the eastern end of the country. The UFO was so threatening that it was attacked by military men. People of Khabarovsk said it was scary [...]