Think different. See further. Say BLEH.
Tuesday July 7th 2015

If you can’t find that book you want, you are in the…

Wong Fook Hing Book Store.

Nice of them to tell us :)

You’re doing it wrong…

… at least I think so…

The art of blending in….

Spot the odd one out…

Make child smart how?

How? How? How?

The ancient ninjitsu art of hiding…

… still in use today

You touched what???

Would you buy this product? It may be funny to offer it to someone else though hehehe

Russian Happy Hour Special

I never thought I would ever say this: What a pity that Happy Hour is all day long :(

Beware of the invisible cows!

Do the have invisibility cloaks like Harry Potter?

Sage advice about sitting

Please pay attention to this valuable advice before sitting on the fence…

Please don’t touch yourself…

We will do it for you!

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