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Monday October 23rd 2017

Someone felt cheated by Apple

iPaid too much for mine too…

Did you mang out after using the toilet?

I am pretty sure that you didn’t! Luckily you aren’t in China!

Thieves caught in the act…

When you cat and dog team up against you, it is time to admit defeat!

Caution: Do not swallow!

Words of wisdom….

One more lonely boy…

Sigh, I know the feeling :-/

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Serves him right lol

Pimp my camel

A camel at the ‘Camel Haircut‘ competition at Bikaner, India

Parenting 101 for Animals

I know many human parents that are EXACTLY like this too!

The ultimate bad day at work

I am so glad that I am not this guy….

Somewhere in Africa…

… a father is sick of The Lion King!

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