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Tuesday July 7th 2015

What aliens REALLY get up to during an abduction

Unknown artist

The car hit cheese, bacon, mushroom face

Somewhere in Wuhan, China…

Curiosity may have killed the cat…

… but there were other suspects first!

Nagi Noda’s weird animal hair hats

These are artistic but weird.

Before her death in 2008, Japanese pop artist and director Nagi Noda created Hair Hats, a series of incredible animal-shaped hair sculptures using hair weaves, real hair and wire.

Check out more of them HERE

Sk8er win!

Poor cop got a fright…



World’s weirdest kids slide

I guess it is educational as parents have to explain it afterwards…

Advice from a bomb technician

Damn good advice it is too!

I decided to exercise more…

It has started off well…

Laughing with friends…

…makes the world better for everyone

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